All research is tailored to your needs and may be large or small. Research projects can be carried out in stages allowing you to decide after each stage what further information you would like.

Reports include details of the sources searched and information found (and not found) - with transcriptions or copies of original documents, analysis of the findings and suggestions regarding further lines of research that may interest you. Family tree charts, photographs and information about relevant local history are included where appropriate.

Research carried out in advance of a visit to the area will assist you to plan what you want to see and give you more time to walk in your ancestor’s footsteps. In addition to an ancestral report, I can provide you with information about places associated with your ancestors, details of any relevant local records and where they can be viewed, and provide guidance in finding gravestones.

  • Ancestral Research
  • Research in local archives
  • Photographs of gravestones and places associated with your family
  • Guidance in starting your own research
  • House histories
  • Help in understanding old writing

Fees / Charges

My fees are £22.00 per hour.  Additional charges may be made for copies of documents and travel expenses.

In all cases the costs involved will be discussed, and agreed with you, before any research is started. Large research projects may be split into smaller chunks to suit your budget.